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What drives a brand? Is it just the name or is it how it's also presented ?
We here at the Cromtryck Group cares deeply about your brand and how it's preceived by your customers. The brand should make your customers get a sound and solid feeling about your products, it should instill trust and satisfaction of buying and owning your products.

- We make this happen.

Our Product Catalog covers all Emblems in the Automotive Industry:
Front Grille, Trunklid, Side, D-post, Wheel hub, Key Ring, Gear knob, Airbag, Door, Kick Plate etc.

Using different methods depending on application:
Lacquer types: SuperGloss®, UltraGloss, PolyGloss, VelvetGloss, MultiGloss (Matte & Gloss surface)

Printed on Aluminium or Polyester

Other applications where our products may be found:
Mobile Telephones, Fridges, Toilets, Bathroom Equipment, Vaccum Cleaners, Mail Boxes, Bathtubs, Computers, Dishwashers, Ovens, Ventilation Systems, Fans, Coffee Machines, Bear Taps, Golf Clubs, Boats, Caravans, Power Tools, Bicycles, Mopeds

Yes, everywhere where you want your brand to show a luxury feeling.